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We understand you might have questions, and here are the most common asked ones that we've received:


Q: Why should I buy this guide if my Wii console is still under guarantee?

A: Because it will save you at least 4 weeks of waiting. In addition, the problem will probably arise again, and you'll have to repeat the process until your guarantee expires. Then you'll have to start paying.

Q: Why should I risk my money on a guide that I'm not sure it'll work?

A: I am extremely confident in the Nintendo Wii Fix Guide which has resolved many Wii issues for over 1000+ customers. If the Guide doesn't take care of your issue, simply send a quick email off for tech support, describing your problem, so I can research the issue and get back to you with a quick and permanent solution. If the Guide or my assistance by email does not resolve the issue, I will personally make sure you get all your money back. Guaranteed. This way, both your Wii console and your money are always safe!

Q: I don't know anything about electronics. Can I possibly fix my Wii console?

A: The Nintendo Wii Fix Guide is simple and clear, yet effective. You don't need to have any previous technology knowledge to follow it. If you can play your Wii console, you can fix it.

Q: I don't have any electronics repairing tools. Aren't those expensive?

A: The guide is designed to conduct the repairs with inexpensive and easy to find tools. One is a small Phillips screw driver. The other is a Triwing driver. Both can be easily found at a local store (that is, if your family doesn't happen to have them already).

Q: I want to start a Wii Repair Business. Can the Wii Fix Guide assist me with various repairs?

A: Starting a Wii repair business sounds exciting! The ebook guides you step by step (including pictures) taking the unit apart and replacing various components of the console.

Q: How long will it take me to fix my console?

A: It can take as little as 10 minutes to as much as a couple hours. It really depends on the issue.

Q: Is it true all Wii issues can be fixed by using your Guide? Everywhere I look on the internet for a solution to my problem, I always see a reference pointing back to your Guide.

A: There are some errors and situations that cannot be resolved with use of the Guide. If you purchase the Guide and discover the information does not work for you, there's a chance someone else has had the same problem and I found a solution for it. Your next step would be to contact me through email with that particular problem and I can see if I have a remedy for the issue. Generally, most Wii issues can be resolved by doing it yourself. Keep in mind that some solutions may appear to be very simple or common sense, but some people tend to think too complex and overthink the solution. The situations of "I watered my plant and it overflowed onto the Wii and now it does not work" are not covered by this Guide or email. Sorry.

Q: What if I get stuck during the process?

A: The Nintendo Wii Fix Guide is designed so that non-technical people can follow it. It doesn't have heavy technical terminology. It doesn't assume that the user has any knowledge about electronics. However, we are still behind you all the way with our e-mail support, so you're never alone.


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