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The Wii Fix Guide reveals how to resolve Wii error messages and replace Wii disc drives.


The Nintendo Wii Fix Guide will resolve the following:

All Wii Remotes Cannot Sync with the Console [Page 45]

Black Screen/No Picture [Page 74]

Common Nintendo Wii Problems [Page 33]

Disassembling and Repairing the Sensor Bar [Page 59]

Enhancing the Wii Battery Life [Page 51]

Error: 32003 [Page 7]

Error: 50100 - 50199 [Page 8]

Error: 50400 - 50499 [Page 9]

Game Disc Unloads Automatically [Page 68]

Getting The Nintendo Wii Online [Page 81]

How To Take Consistent Wii Fit Body Test Measurements [Page 79]

Missing Wii Cursor [Page 52]

No Power Coming Into The Nintendo Wii [Page 75]

Random Wii Cursor Movements [Page 37]

Repairing the Wii Console's DVD Drive [Page 25]

Replacing the Wii Console's DVD Drive [Page 21]

Steps to Repairing a Wii Console's DVD Drive [Page 26]

Troubleshooting and Applying Fixes on the Wireless Router [Page 41]

Wii Console Shutting Down During Game Play [Page 76]

Wii Fit Balance Board Fails to Sync [Page 77]

Wii Remote Tilt and Orientation Malfunction [Page 53]

Wiimote Cannot Sync With Console [Page 44]


The Nintendo Wii Fix Guide will also fix:

Basic Troubleshooting for the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector [Page 39]

Common Email and Message Board Problems [Page 71]

Copying Wii Data to an SD Card [Page 43]

Disc Not Recognized [Page 69]

Error: 32002 [Page 6]

Error: 32030 [Page 8]

Error: 50300 - 50399 [Page 9]

Fine Tuning the Wii Sensor Bar's Sensitivity [Page 64]

General Wii Disc and Game Problems [Page 65]

How To Replace The DVD Drive [Page 22]

Message Board Data is Full [Page 71]

Nintendo Wii Error Codes [Page 5]

Quick Fixing the Wii LAN Adapter [Page 40]

Receiving Multiple Messages From Nintendo [Page 72]

Repairing the WiiMote [Page 54]

Static Noise or No Audio from Wii Remote Speaker [Page 49]

There is no Mii save data on your Wii Remote. [Page 53]

Vibration Mode of the Wii Remote Not Working [Page 50]

Wii Delayed Video and Audio Response [Page 34]

Wii Remote General Problems [Page 44]

Wii Wireless Internet Connection Guide [Page 81]

Wiimote's Buttons Are Sticky [Page 47]


The Wii Fix Guide will also help with:

An Error Has Occurred Eject Disc Message [Page 69]

Calibrating The Balance Board [Page 77]

Controlling Signal Interference to the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector [Page 38]

Disassembling the Wii Console [Page 12]

Error: 50200 - 50299 [Page 9]

Error: 51000 - 51019 [Page 10]

Games Hangs During Game Play [Page 69]

Hard and Soft Resetting a Nintendo Wii [Page 36]

Incorrect Wii Time Settings [Page 33]

Netflix Setup Error 51030 [Page 11]

Off-Center and Erratic Wii Cursor [Page 46]

Receiving Images with Emails [Page 73]

Repairing the Wii Sensor Bar's Cable [Page 63]

Replacing the Wii Console's Internal Fan [Page 30]

Syncing the Wii Balance Board and Wii Console: [Page 77]

Unable to Read Game Disc [Page 65]

Wii Console Stuck on the Language Screen [Page 35]

Wii General Power Issues [Page 74]

Wii Sensor Bar Problems [Page 59]

WiiMote Remote Buttons Are No Longer Responding [Page 48]


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